Boss says “Thank you!”

Thanks to your generosity, Boss is recovering from surgery and well on his way to the happy and healthy life he has never had. The mass removed from his neck was a benign tumor, and the sad little guy that came to us a few short weeks ago has made such an incredible recovery that he seems like an entirely different hound.

He still has one, possibly two more surgeries to go. He needs to be neutered and it turns out that it will be a more complex surgery than usual because only one testicle is in the right place. A few small benign masses will also be removed and his badly needed dental cleaning, most likely the first of his life, will be happening soon.

Boss has gained some desperately needed weight and has blossomed into the happiest dog, running around the house and playing with his foster siblings. He loves to go for walks, eat, and in typical basset fashion, nap.

We are especially grateful for your contributions and know that Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California could not do the work we do without your support. On behalf of Boss, and many more future hounds to come, we sincerely thank you. Your generosity allows us to go the extra mile to make sure that the hounds we rescue go on to receive the personalized care that all dogs deserve, no matter the circumstance. We appreciate you!