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Why Adopt from BHRSC?


Each year over 1.2 million dogs die in shelters, while only 35% of dogs in the United States are adopted from a shelter or rescue. The majority of dogs in rescues and shelters are loving pets that lose their homes when their families move or experience financial hardship. This means hundreds of thousands of dogs never get the second chance they deserve.

When you adopt from BHRSC, you can be assured that the hound you adopt has been assessed for overall health and any identified medical conditions have been treated. In addition, we perform behavior evaluations on our hounds to identify and address any possible issues.

Once a BHRSC hound is placed with a foster family, each hound is further evaluated to determine likes, dislikes, and unique qualities. This information will assist BHRSC to match your family with a hound that suits your lifestyle and home environment.

When you adopt you are able to select a dog with a personality to fit your family instead of rolling the dice when you purchase a puppy. Many of the dogs sold in pet stores come from puppy mills and have questionable health and breeding. Puppy mill dogs live in deplorable conditions and are not properly cared for or socialized.

Adoption is a wonderful way to open your heart and home to a homeless hound. When you adopt from BHRSC, you give a homeless hound a well-deserved fresh start on life – – one filled with love, healthy meals, tummy rubs, and a warm, cozy place to sleep!