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Helping Your Foster Hound Get Ready For Her Forever Home

When we place a foster with you we will let you know of any medical or behavioral issues we have observed with the hound. We will give you instructions (and medication, if necessary) to address the medical issues as well as training tips and a behavioral treatment plan to help you work with your hound on any behavioral issues we have observed.

We rely heavily on our fosters to learn more about the personalities of our hounds so that we can find them the best possible forever home. We ask that fosters fill out a Hound Report Card within two weeks of bringing a hound home and update the report card as needed.

In addition to filling out the Hound Report Card, please let us know if you experience any medical or behavioral issues with your hound. For your reference, we have developed a series of handouts (and in some cases, videos) to help fosters deal with a wide variety of behavioral issues that might arise.

What To Do In A Medical Emergency

BHRSC pays for all veterinary care, including medication, for your foster hounds. All such care must occur at a BHRSC vet office and be approved in advance. If you have any medical concerns regarding your hound, let the foster team know and you will be given instructions for next steps.

If your foster hound is having a medical emergency, please call the foster team. If you cannot immediately reach them, please take the hound to an emergency veterinary hospital and continue to try to reach the foster team. If you are unable to reach a member of the foster team, please call our hotline at 949-484-9065

Our hotline team will be able to track down a representative of BHRSC who can then work with the emergency hospital to direct the care of your foster hound and make arrangements for payment. If you do not contact BHRSC immediately after seeking emergency vet treatment for your foster, you may be responsible for paying for the care provided.

Meeting With Potential Adopters

Our Adoption Team will email you when your hound has a family interested in adoption, so please regularly check your email. Read the email carefully as it will contain detailed instructions on how to contact the interested family and set up a meeting. Please know that all adoption applicants are screened and approved for adoption before we send you their information. Your role is to answer any questions they may have about the hound and to arrange a meeting between the hound and the applicant.

You may arrange to have the applicant meet your foster dog at your home or at a nearby park or other appropriate location. Applicants should travel to you; you are not required or expected to drive to them. We ask that you make sure your hound is clean (bathe them if necessary) and that you have handy all information an applicant may want to know about (medications, behavior issues, etc.)

Please keep the adoption team up to date on your efforts to arrange a meeting and the result of any meeting. If you have any concerns about whether an applicant is a good fit for your foster dog, please let the adoption team know as soon as possible.