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Foster FAQ's

What are the responsibilities of a foster family?

Foster families provide their foster hound with a safe home, love, attention and of course, food and water, as well as alert us to any medical or behavior concerns. The ideal foster family will work with a hound to make his transition to a forever home as easy as possible, sometimes teaching manners or helping the hound recover after surgery.

What supplies do I need?

Your foster hound will come with a collar, leash, harness and BHRSC tag. You will need bowls, comfy place for your hound to sleep and food. However, if the cost of food would preclude you from fostering let us know and we will send food to you.

Who pays for vet visits and medications for my foster dog?

BHRSC pays for all medical expenses and required medications and special diets. We do require the foster hound go to a BHRSC vet and all expenses and medications must be approved in advance. In the event of a medical emergency, you should take your foster hound to an emergency vet and immediately contact the foster team.

I don't have a yard, can I foster?

Yes! Many dog owners live in apartments or condominiums without a yard. As long as you have a plan for the dog to relieve herself as needed, and a plan for regular exercise, we'd be happy to have you foster a dog.

Can I foster if I work?

We do not expect our hounds to have attention 24/7, however much they might enjoy that. If you have any concerns about whether you have enough time to foster, ask us!

Can I pick the dog I want to foster?

We will suggest dogs we believe will fit well within your household and expectations, taking into consideration information you provide such as the dogs in your home doing best with females or older dogs etc. You and your dog can also first meet the proposed foster dog. We do ask that you be open to fostering dogs that you might not select to adopt due to age, gender or looks.

I'm thinking about adopting a hound, should I foster first?

Fostering is a great way to test if a new dog makes sense in your family, provided you can commit to keeping the foster hound for at least a month or two. But if you have decided to add a hound to your life, we strongly suggest you work with our adoption team so you can be introduced to adoptable dogs. If you adopt a hound and decide they are not the right fit within 30 days we will refund your adoption fee or find you a better match, so you have ample time to decide whether a particular hound works for your family.

How should I introduce my foster to my own dogs?

Introductions are generally best done outside your home on neutral territory. If possible, have a family member or friend help you take a short, on leash walk with your own dogs and your foster before bringing her into your home. Then keep a close eye on their interactions.

We also highly recommend that you feed your foster dog separately from your own dogs, at least for the first week. If there are any signs of food aggression, continue to feed them separately.

How long will I need to foster?

If possible, we ask that you foster your hound until they find their forever home which can be as short as a week and as long as 8 or 9 months. Generally, most hounds are in foster for 1 to 2 months.

What happens if I can no longer foster?

Please let us know of any anticipated scheduling issues you may have, including vacations, when you accept a foster dog. But we know that plans change and emergencies arise and will always take a foster dog back when you can no longer foster. We simply ask that you give us as much notice as possible so that we can try to find a new foster home rather than put the hound in boarding.

Can I adopt my foster dog?

Yes! Fosters are almost always allowed to adopt their foster hounds. Please let us know as soon as possible when you know you want to adopt your foster hound. Additionally, within 24 hours of the adoption team letting you know there is an interested applicant, you must either commit to adopt the hound or set up an appointment for the applicant to meet the hound.

What if my friend wants to adopt my foster?

Great. Ask your friend to fill out an adoption application and let the adoption team know of their interest. Please note that all adoptions must come through BHRSC.

Isn't it really hard to say goodbye to a foster?

Saying goodbye to a foster is always bittersweet. You will be happy to know your foster found a forever home but you will undoubtedly miss the hound you took in, cared for and loved. Try to focus on the positive impact you made by helping her transition from her old life to her new one. And consider helping another hound by fostering again.

Is there a way to connect with other BHRSC fosters?

The best way to connect with other BHRSC fosters is to join us on Facebook. If you are not on Facebook and have a specific question you'd like to discuss with someone who has experienced the same issue, let the Foster Team know and we will try to connect you with the appropriate foster.