Acclimation Tips

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How to Acclimate Your New Hound

A newly adopted hound has been through a lot. Most of them have lost the only family they have ever known and are incredibly unsure of their future. Try these tips to make the transition easier for you and your new hound!

  • Patience is key! Most newly adopted hounds require a 2-4 week settling in period to learn the ropes.
  • Set up good potty training from the start. Take your new hound to the spot you would like her to potty as soon as you arrive home. Praise and treat her when she is successful.
  • If your hound struggles with potty training, confine him to a smaller space in the house when you are unable to supervise and take him out every few hours. After he holds it for a period of one week, double the size of the area. Remember, your hound wants to please you!
  • Introduce to other family dogs on neutral ground. Meet down the block or at a local park for the initial meeting and take a short walk before proceeding home.
  • Despite loving to lay on the couch, hounds benefit greatly from 30-60 minutes of exercise per day!
  • Set your hound up for good habits by initiating a feeding, potty, grooming, and exercise routine.
  • Avoid overwhelming your new hound by introducing to friends and family slowly instead of inviting everyone over at once.
  • Prevent separation anxiety by leaving your hound with a favorite chew or stuffed treat toy when you leave. Avoid the temptation to stay home the first few days after your hound has arrived, be sure to leave for short periods each day.
  • Avoid problem behaviors like excessive barking and inappropriate chewing by providing chews and toys.
  • If your hound is fearful, be sure to make new interactions positive. Ask visitors and strangers on walks to offer your hound a treat; the way to a hound's heart!
  • Introduce your hound to your vet so he can become comfortable.
  • Enroll in private training or a group class that uses positive reinforcement techniques. Nothing builds confidence and encourages good behavior like learning to work with you in a fun way!