Zoe and Khloe

Zoe and Khloe

Greetings hound lovers! We are Zoe and Khloe; a bonded pair of nine year old female Basset Hounds from Fresno looking for our forever home in Southern California.  We were surrendered to BHRSC after being with our previous owner for 7 years.  Unfortunately, we need to find a new home because our previous owner’s new house doesn’t have any shade or a designated area for dogs.  We are hoping that one of you might become our new home and family; provide us with shade, a yard to play in, and a couch to rest on.  We have a couple of special needs we are hoping your heart has room to help us with – while we still need to find a home together, Khloe will be a forever foster and Zoe a regular adoption. We are not house or crate trained, but with patience, guidance, and the right training we could easily master both of these skills. Whoever said, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” never met us.

Hi there, I’m Zoe and I am black and white.  I enjoy walks on a leash.  I am known for my ability to get along with cats, dogs, and children.  I even come when called, which I have been told is rare for my breed.

Yes, hello there, I’m Khloe and I am brown and white! Like Zoe, I get along with cats, dogs, and children.  I really get along with Zoe, which is why we have to go to the same home.  We really love each other and share a deep bond.  I also know my name, and will come to you when you call me.  After I arrived at BHRSC, my health screening revealed that I have something called cancer.  While I still need to be homed with Zoe, I will be a forever foster – this means that BHRSC will maintain financial responsibility for my care.

Zoe and Khloe are both spayed, microchipped, and up to date on vaccines.  They’ve also had lab work, veterinary dental cleanings, and mass removals. Zoe’s adoption fee is $200, and Khloe will be a forever foster.

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