Hello there, basset friends.  My name is Waylon and I am a BHRSC alumni.  I am 11 years old and like another Waylon you may have heard of, I have a song of woe to sing to you.

I spent my first 7 years with the same loving family, but when some of their circumstances changed and they had to move to a small apartment, BHRSC helped me find a wonderful new human mom.  I’ve lived with her the last 4 years and we’ve been great companions.  But like me, she is getting on in years and now has some complications that mean she must focus on her own health.

I am looking for a very special home because I am a special senior gentleman with a few special needs now.  For example, I have arthritis.  It is well managed with medication, but it means I’ll do better in a home where I don’t have to deal with any stairs to get outside to do my business.  I’m also hoping that my new family can be patient as I learn the layout at your place and what I need to do to get outside quickly.  I promise I always hurry, but sometimes one minute you don’t have to go and the next minute you do!  You fellow older gents know what I mean.

Other than that I’m a pretty typical basset hound: I’m a very mellow, friendly guy, I love mealtime and naptime, and at this stage I will be very happy in a slower environment where I can have the support and assurance of someone being around most of the time.  I’m happiest when I get to be around my people.  Could this be at your house?  Call BHRSC and let’s find out!

Waylon is neutered, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines.  He has also had lab work and a veterinary dental cleaning.  His adoption fee is $200.

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