Howdy everyone! My name’s Sprocket and I am a 1-year-old male Basset Hound who would love to meet you!  

 I am an energetic and friendly young hound that came all the way from Oklahoma onHound Haul 28. I’m with a foster family and they are surprised at how fast I am when they are about to leave the house – I’ve got some speed! I also surprised them with my incredible escape artist abilities, because I either climbed a tree or scaled an 8-foot fence to see what was on the other side when they left without me one day. 


I wiggle around a lot, am a bit of a jumper, and I get excited when I’m playing with people and other dogs, but what do you expect – I’m only 1! With some guidance and training I know we could work on my manners.


Even though I have a lot of energy and love to play, I have been described as a world-class snuggler, which is absolutely correct. I love running around and playing with other dogs, but I may be a little too much for older dogs. Same thing with children; I love playing with them, but I don’t have a great sense of personal space and may not be the best fit in a house with toddlers. We have also discovered that a home without cats would be best for me. 


If you are looking for an active, friendly hound, contact the folks at BHRSC and let’s set something up!


Sprocket is neutered, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines. His adoption fee is $650.

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