Hi there basset lovers!  My name is Sophie, and I am a sweet, laid-back gal of 6 years.  I am told that during the holidays we all get to make special wishes, and so my holiday wish is for a forever family.  I have lived with my mom my whole life, but unfortunately she is older and recently entered something called hospice care.  Her family needs to focus on taking care of her with this last bit of time they have, so unfortunately it means we can’t be together anymore.

I still really like to play, both with people and other dogs, but I am past all my puppy silliness and am a pretty calm, mellow girl.  I’m very friendly and I like to go for walks and meet new people, but any time you want to spend just chilling out together is fine by me!  Especially, as you might imagine with a basset hound, if there are belly rubs involved.

So is it true that your wish for a sweetheart basset companion, and my wish for a loving forever family, could both come true at the same time?  Call BHRSC today and let’s find out what happens when we wish upon a star!

Sophie is spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines. Her adoption fee is $350.

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