I am Sam, Sam I am!  Bonjour Basset Hound friends! My name is Sam and I am a male senior black and white Basset Hound.  I would love to meet you and become a part of your loving family. I have lived my entire 10 years with one family but now must part ways with them.  I am sad, because I have known them since I was eight months old. My family has “downsized” (my human siblings left for some place called college) and has a year and a half construction project going on at the house.  Between all the noise and losing my friends, they think it would be best for me to be in a calmer environment. 

Due to the construction going on at chez moi, I developed some anxiety.  I do not like to be away from my humans for very long.  In a chaotic environment, this led me to chew on things and try to get away, necessitating anxiety medication.  However, I have been doing much better in a calmer environment where I can patrol the house freely to ensure everything is okay.  Overall, I am a relaxed and calm hound and pretty soon the only medication I will need will be for some allergies (a diligent skin care routine will help with this too).  I just want to be the center of someone’s universe, so I am looking for a home where I will be loved and not be left by myself very often. I especially would like it if my bed can be close to yours, so I can feel secure and loved at bed time.  Upon meeting me you will know that I just have that certain je ne sais quoi.

C’mon – you know you would love a hound like me!  I have received basic training. I will come to you when you call my name.  I get along with other dogs well and enjoy the company of children. I am very good on a leash and love to go for walks (although when we see other dogs out and about, I am very eager to meet them!).  Maybe you and I can go on a walk together soon? Au petit bonheur la chance, you and I can embark on a wonderful hound dog and human journey together.  Call BHRSC today and let’s meet up!

Sam is neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on vaccines.  He has also had lab work and a veterinary dental cleaning. His adoption fee is $200.

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