Prismo and Lilly

Prismo and Lilly

Hi there basset friends!  We are Prismo and Lilly, a bonded pair of 6-year old hounds on a search to find our forever home together.  We love cuddling with people and we love each other, and we are pretty sure that means we are going to love you!

We are not brother and sister, but we’ve lived our whole lives together with our human dad and we are just the best of pals.  We are very good dogs, but our dad had to make some changes to his living and working situation when he and his lady companion parted ways.  He is working a lot away from home now and felt it would be better for us if we could live someplace with more space and a family where people are around more often.  We are hoping that’s at your house!

Prismo here.  I am a very sweet and laid-back dog.  Not much fazes me!  Like Lilly, I love snuggling, getting belly rubs, going for walks, and will even play fetch for short bursts of time.  I’m a very mellow fellow – I just like hanging out with my people and looking out for Lilly!

Hi.  I’m Lilly.  You seem nice.  I’m a very sweet girl, but I’m introducing myself second because that is how we are in real life – Prismo is very carefree and outgoing, but it sometimes takes me just a little bit of time to become sure of people and warm up to them.  It makes me a little nervous sometimes to be approached in a situation where I feel confined, like if I’m on a leash.  I do better if I am introduced to new people and dogs slowly, but once I get a chance to sniff you out, I am very affectionate.  I’m a very smart girl and do well with training and socialization programs!  Can we meet soon so I can start to get to know you?  The sooner I know you, the sooner Prismo and I can snuggle in your lap!

Prismo is neutered and Lilly is spayed, and they are both microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines.  They have also had lab work and veterinary dental cleanings. Their adoption fee is $600.

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