Oliver and Martha

Oliver and Martha

Hi basset friends!  We are Oliver and Martha, a lovely 8-year old basset couple.  We’ve been companions our whole lives and we are going through a challenging time right now, so we would really like to stay together in our forever home.  But we think this is a really good deal for you as it just means twice the basset love!

I’m Martha, and I’m a little more outgoing, so I’ll tell you a little about us while Oliver hangs back and checks you out a little.  We’ve lived our whole lives with our human dad, who took good care of us. But he was older, and now he is in something called hospice care.  So he can’t take care of us anymore. We hear he doesn’t have much time left, so we are sending him all our usual love from our basset hearts and hoping he can feel it.  But, since he doesn’t have any family that can take us in, we are also trying to find a forever family that has room in their hearts and home for a loving pair of bassets.

Oliver here.  You seem nice!  Martha is right, I am a little more reserved than she is.  But we both still like all the normal basset things, like being with our people and playing with each other!  We’ve always been outdoor dogs, and we’d really like to live inside with you at our new home. We’d feel more secure in our retirement that way, plus we can give you lots of basset love!  We may be older, but we can still learn and we promise to work hard on house training if we get to be indoor members of your family!

What do you think?  Doesn’t a loving, loveable basset couple sound like the perfect addition to your family?  Call BHRSC and come meet us soon!

Martha is spayed and Oliver is neutered, and they are both microchipped, up-to-date on vaccines, had labwork, mass removals, and dental cleanings. Their adoption fee is $600.

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