Odie and Botas

Odie and Botas

Hola basset friends!  We are Odie and Botas, a father-and-son bonded pair.  As you can imagine, since we are family and have been together for 8 years, we are quite inseparable.  But that just means two basset hearts that are ready to be devoted to your family!

I (Odie) am the padre (papa) pup and I try to use my 11 years of wisdom to guide my son Botas, who is 8.  We are both a lot alike in both appearance and mannerisms, except that Botas has little white boots (botas!) on his feet.  We have been part of the same extended family our whole lives, but a few years ago our mom had to move to Texas for a job, so we moved in with her parents.  But now they are retired and moving out of the country, and we cannot go along.  We are all-American pups and think that staying here would be best for us!

We have been outdoor dogs our whole lives and are really excited about moving inside with our new family.  We could use a little bit of patience as we learn our best indoor manners, but we’ll get the hang of it quickly!  We are not very needy and like all the normal dog things – going for walks and chasing after each other.  While we’re good at self-entertaining, we are really looking forward to spending time and playing with our new family.  We’re good boys and our bellies are always up for rubs!

What do you think?  Doesn’t a couple of loveable, all-American basset boys sound like the perfect addition to your family?  Call BHRSC and come meet us soon!

Odie and Botas are both neutered, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines. Their adoption fee is $200.

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