Hello everyone! My name is Noelle, I’m 8 years old and, well, I got my name from the nice people at BHRSC who said I was a wonderful gift when they took me in on Christmas Eve! But I actually prefer to go by my nickname, Sally.

You see I was down on my luck and found myself in the shelter just before Christmas! You may have noticed I am not a traditional basset hound, more of a coonhound mix, but that did not stop BHRSC from helping me ring in a new year in a foster home.

As you can see from my pictures I am a little on the larger side, plus some extra holiday pounds, which means there is more of me to love! However, I am working hard on my new year’s resolution to get back to a healthy weight because swimsuit season is almost here!

To get closer to my goal weight I have be going on lots of walks, and I love walks! It’s so much fun to put my hound senses to work sniffing out all the smells Southern California has to offer! I can be a little timid around the new people I meet on my strolls, but if they come down to my level to reassure me I will lie down, flip over and wait for a belly rub! I also love to lie out and work on my tan. How about you? We can do it together!

Oh, and wait until you hear this: My foster mom says I have an adorable bark that sounds like a sea lion! What can I say; I just like to talk! Oh and naps are a favorite too! I’ve even been told I snore like a lumberjack! Trust me, it’s adorable.

Noelle is spayed, up-to-date on vaccines and microchipped.


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