Hello basset friends.  My name is Lulu, and I am a recent transplant to California.  I came here from Texas on the big hound haul just not long ago, and I am excited to be here because now I know for sure that my best years are ahead of me.

I am about 8 years old, and they have been some hard years.  I’ve always been an outdoor dog, and I am really looking forward to moving into a loving home with gentle and loving humans.  I spent most of my life on a chain.  In fact, someone in Texas rescued me from choking on that chain, and that is how I wound up with people who want to help bassets, and now here I am with BHRSC.

People have not always been the nicest to me, but I am learning now that there are lots of people out there who love hounds (and mostly-bassets like me!) and want to take good care of us, and cuddle us.  I even learned about these neat things called treats and belly rubs!  Can I get cuddles and treats and belly rubs at your house?

Because of my background, I’m a pretty shy and quiet girl.  I might do better in a quieter environment, but I would just really like to show a family how much hound dog love they can get if they will take me in and can be a little patient helping me learn my best indoor manners.

If you think our hearts might be a match and your family just might be my forever family, call BHRSC and let’s meet!

Lulu is spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines. Her adoption fee is $150.

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