Lulu Belle

Lulu Belle

Hello again kind hearts.  My name is Lulu, and here I am looking for an open home and open hearts.  I lived almost all of my 8 years with my same owner, but when my owner died no one else in the family was able to take care of me.  I came to BHRSC, and I was adopted by a wonderful lady who recently had faced losses of her own.  We really started to repair the empty places in each other’s hearts.  While I am no puppy, I still like to go for walks and can be strong on a leash (I’m very well behaved though!).  It became a little bit of a concern that this could lead to a fall for my new mom, which might be hard for her to recover from.  So it broke both of our hearts again, but I came back to BHRSC.

This has all been a very sad and disorienting time for me, and I am really hoping that one of you kind basset people has room in your heart and a forever place in your home for me.

We can go straight to the cuddling and loving companions part of our relationship, because my house manners are impeccable.  I am house and crate trained, so we won’t need to waste any time there, I know just what to do.  I get along well with other dogs – I am just as sweet to them as I am to all the people I meet!  I also do enjoy going for those walks.  I might not be ready to anchor a gold-medal winning relay sprint anymore, but if I am by your side then I will be happy to explore my new neighborhood.  And then come home and cuddle – there are always after-walk cuddles, right?

Don’t you want to meet a dignified dame like me and see if our hearts are a match for each other?  Call BHRSC today!

Lulu is spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines. Her adoption fee is $150.

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