Buenas dias, basset fans!  I know just as soon as we meet you will become big fans of mine!  My name is Lola, and I am an 11-year old senior showgirl in need of a new club to perform in, since my former Copacabana can no longer care for me.  I have been there my whole life, but the family recently had to relocate, and the stress of three mini-humans plus a new location led club management to regretfully decide that I might get more of the attention and love I deserve in a new forever home.

While I used to merengue and do the cha-cha like the song says, given my age these days I am more a fan of naps and nice ambles around the neighborhood.  I have always been an indoor dog, so once I sniff my way around and find the doggie door in my new nightclub, we won’t have to worry about any puppy training issues.  It will probably make it easier for all of us if there is a doggie door and hopefully just one story for me to deal with.  At this age, stairs aren’t much of an option for me anymore, and I don’t want you to have to wake up several times a night when I need to answer nature’s call.

I do like to use my sniffer too!  It’s better for exploring on walks, but if the door is left open I’ll follow a scent like any respectable basset!    Mostly though, I just like to hang out with my people, and I wish so hard to find a forever home to lay my head and a forever family to love.

Don’t you think I could be the retired showgirl to steal your heart?  Call BHRSC today to set up a time to meet me and let’s find out!

Lola is spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines. Her adoption fee is $150.

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