Well hello there friends!  I know you must be wondering, but no, I am neither a former First Lady nor an Oscar-winning film.  I am a beautiful, friendly, and very special 6-year old basset girl, and I need a special forever home!  Could yours be the family that can be mine forever?

I was rescued from the pound a couple of years ago, but now my owner has to move out of state and I can’t go with him.  I am just like any other basset in a lot of ways – I love to hang out with my people and get lots of pets.  But I have some superpowers too!  You see, I am blind, and I lost my eyes to the disease that took my sight.  But this doesn’t stop me at all!  I have trained my other senses to see for me, and my heart sees loving humans.  So I can see you from here!

I have long since adapted to life without sight.  I get around really well, can always tell when my people are coming, and I do really well on walks!  In fact I am used to going for long walks most days of the week!  I will have to learn the lay of the land at your house, and it will help if you can be patient with this process.  But once I know what is where, I am house-trained and understand about doing my business outside.  I get a little sensitive when someone approaches my food, but I’m sure we can work together to make sure I don’t feel snuck up on since I can’t see people coming.

I am a very sweet girl and my big basset heart will repay your kindness and patience many times over!  What do you say?  Is a special little basset girl just what your family has been waiting for?  Call BHRSC and let’s meet ASAP!

Ladybird is spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines. Her adoption fee is $350.

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