Howdy, friends.  My name is Waylon.  I am 7 years old and like another Waylon you may have heard of, I have a song of woe to sing to you.

I have been with my same family since I was just a little puppy.  They’ve been good to me and our band has been happy together.  But recently some circumstances changed and we had to move from our house with a backyard to a small apartment, and they feel it would be better for me if I could be with a family that is not faced with such tight quarters.

So now I find myself about to become a Ramblin’ Man.  I am hoping I don’t have to ramble too long by myself and I can find my way into your family’s hearts and home without too much delay!  I am a charmer, so I think if you give me a change we’ll be best buds before you know it.  I am a pretty typical basset hound: I’m a pretty mellow, friendly guy, I love mealtime and naptime, and while I know and usually respond to basic commands, like many bassets I can take my time to decide if my interests align with your requests (some people call this stubborn.  I call it classic economic theory).  Mainly I like anything that involves treats and spending time with my people!

So are you the Good-Hearted Family that might be my forever family?  Call BHRSC and let’s meet soon!

Waylon is neutered, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines. His adoption fee is $350.

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