Gus to basset lovers, come in basset lovers!  Hi there!  My name is Gus and I am a friendly, laid-back fellow of 9 years.  Like my hero Gus Grissom, I am an explorer who tries to always maintain an even keel.  Right now, I am exploring for a new forever family – could my new home be at your family’s space station?

I have been with my same man-friend/mission controller since I was just a little puppy.  But sadly, he and his woman-friend split up and he has to work so much that now I spend a lot of time by myself.  He knows how much I like people, and how much I like to give kisses and get lots of pets from anyone and everyone, that he made the difficult decision that it would be better for me to be in a home where there are more family members to love on me.  I’m a good boy and I don’t act out when I’m alone or anything like that, but it would be great if there are people around more often.  I get along with mini-astronauts and fellow dog-nauts too, and I love to play with people, other dogs, go for walks, play with toys, and go explore the dog park, so hopefully at your house I can do all those things!

So what do you think?  Is your family’s home the next world for me to explore and the one where I can build my permanent station?  Call BHRSC and let’s find out soon!

Gus is neutered, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines. His adoption fee is $150.

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