Hi basset friends.  My name is Elvis (you can guess how I got it!) and I am a 7-year old hound sniffing around for my forever home.

I’ve had a hard time lately.  I was rescued from a shelter by a nice woman who wanted to save me from a very premature and unjust end (which was scheduled for that same week).  I am so grateful that I will get a new lease on life and not be done away with just because I had the bad luck to end up in the wrong shelter!  Anyway, I went to her house, and while I have many wonderful basset qualities, we think maybe some young people were mean to me in my past, because it turns out I am not terribly fond of kids.  But hopefully that doesn’t mean there’s no forever home out there for me – so here we are at BHRSC hoping to find a match.

For the most part, I’m a pretty mellow and approachable fellow.  I like napping and walks and I get along with other dogs.  I’m a good learner and even though I had apparently been an outdoor dog before I was left at the shelter, I’ve made good progress on house-training and am almost all the way there!  I think once I get used to your place, and with just a little patience, I’ll show that you can teach an old(er) dog new tricks!  I think I will do best in a patient, kid-free home.  I can get a little crabby when I’m awoken from a sound sleep, but hopefully that’s understandable.

What do you think?  Could we work together and become mellow retiree besties together?  I think so!  Call BHRSC soon so we can meet!

Elvis is neutered, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines. His adoption fee is $350.

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