Claude Michael & Porkchop

Claude Michael & Porkchop

Bonne annee (Happy New Year) everyone! We are Claude Michael and Porkchop, a father-and-son bonded pair. As you can imagine, since we are family in every possible sense of the word and have been together for 8 years, we are very much inseparable. But that just means more basset love for you!

I (Claude Michael) am the pere (papa) pup and I try to use my 10 years of wisdom to guide my son Porkchop, who is 8. We think we have the hang of being adorable, loyal, easy-going basset companions down pretty well. We have been in the same home with our same owner since we were both just little babies, but like us all, our owner has advanced in years. She had to sell her home of several decades and move, and unfortunately we are not able to make the move with her.

We are both devoted companions to our humans and we love being inside with you. We are both very affectionate and loyal – I am a total cuddle-bug, and Porkchop will be yours forever if you rub his ears and kiss his head. At our previous home we had a lot of outdoor space to sniff and lay in the sun which we really liked, and we were also a little spoiled with special couch access (although I am admittedly needing a little more help to get up than I used to). Both of those things would be super-awesome in our new home. Mainly as long as we get to be together when we join your family, we will be content.

What do you think? Don’t a couple of mellow, loveable and loving basset boys sound like the perfect addition to your family? Call BHRSC and come meet us bientot (soon)!

Claude Michael and Porkchop are both neutered, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines. Their adoption fee is $200.

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