Hello there basset heroes.  My name is Chief, and I would love to join your department!  I will do a great job of proving that a real fire dog should be a loyal basset hound, not a Dalmatian!  I may not have the black and white spots to contrast with your shiny red truck, but I will always sit loyally by your side – and we can follow my nose to any situation!  As you may have guessed, I come from out of town and am looking for a warm firehouse and welcoming family.  I am from Utah and after many years of faithfully riding the rigs, I found myself in need of a rescue of my own!

I am 8 years old – I bet you can see my years of wisdom in my face!  While you won’t have to deal with any puppy craziness, I can be quite playful and like to stay active (it’s the latest trend in retirement studies, you know).  I am a very good walking companion and enjoy short, regular jaunts.  I also like to sing from the basset hound hymnal, but giving basset kisses to my people is perhaps what I like best.  Don’t you want to meet me for some X’s and O’s?

I have acclimated quite well to Southern California, having been here for a while now.  When I first got here and had all my tests, the vet discovered I had heartworms.  Thanks to BHRSC, I am receiving treatment and adjusting to my new life with the help of a foster home.  I am good with dogs – my foster home had a BHRSC alumni sister for me and we got along great.  They had these neat feathered friends called parrots too and we liked each other just fine, even though I think I sing better than they do.

What do you think?  Are you looking for the perfect new recruit to join your hook and ladder company?  I’m not rank conscious; I’ll even let you bust me down to Probie if your family’s firehouse can be my last duty station.  Call BHRSC and set up a meeting today!

Chief is neutered, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines.

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