Caddy and Mandy

Caddy and Mandy

Hello basset friends! We are Caddy and Mandy! We are a bonded pair and we have just arrived at BHRSC!

Caddy here; we are sisters and we are both 8 years young.  We are looking for a new place to call home. Unfortunately, Mandy was diagnosed with glaucoma and our family needed to find us a place to help with her treatment.  We lived in an apartment on an upper floor which makes it hard for Mandy to get up and down with her eye issue.  Luckily, BHRSC was willing to help and Mandy has already had surgery.  Recovery may be a little challenging at first because my sister will need to adjust to life with one eye, but she’s one tough hound and will be just fine with some love and ME by her side!

Thanks Caddy for introducing me! I’m Mandy and I am Caddy’s sister and best friend; we do everything together! We like to go on walks, show off our great basset listening skills by coming when called and sitting when asked. We like to cuddle and sit on available laps and we even like other dogs and kiddos. If you’re looking for two sweet and adorable hounds to spruce up your life and home, we are just the gals!  Run, don’t walk over to your computer, and fill out an application!

Mandy and Caddy are spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines.  They have also had lab work and a veterinary dental cleaning, and Mandy has had surgery to remove some benign masses and address her glaucoma. Their adoption fee is $600.

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