Hi everybody!  My name is Bruiser and I am an energetic little guy!  I am 5 years old and recently moved to California from Utah.  Unlike that other Bruiser you may be familiar with, the one who was fortunate enough to have Reese Witherspoon play a supporting role for him in the classic Legally Blonde, I am not a Chihuahua (nor, probably, on my way to Harvard Law School, but that’s one of the things we can work on together!).  I am a proud basset hound!  Maybe a little beagle, but mostly basset hound!  And I can’t wait to meet you and see if your family’s dorm might be the forever dorm for me.

When I first got here, the BHRSC folks helped me out with some training time before I was ready to move in with my new family.  You see, I can get a little laser-focused on my toys.  I have gotten better but can still get kind of excited about them.  It would be great if I could be in a home that will help reinforce the good manners I have been learning.  But I hope that reinforcement can still come in the form of playing, because just I love playing with people!  I also love going for walks, so if you are looking for a companion to join you on your daily constitutionals, I could be your guy!

It might also be best if I am in a home without other boy dogs.  Like the other Bruiser living in the sorority house, I prefer to be around the laaaaaaaadies (although I like human men just fine, especially if they play with me!).

Bruiser is neutered, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines.


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