Namaste! I’m here to provide some enlightenment about yours truly. My name is Bodhi, and I’m a six-year-old basset gentleman looking for a quieter living situation. 

At a previous residence, there were two other canine residents, so I never got the solitude I need for my meditations. Over time, I became quite nervous and looked for consolation in food—anyone’s food. And I got a little crotchety if someone tries to take the food away from me.  In an environment without canine siblings, I was able to overcome this tendency, but sadly I traded one anxiety for another as my new neighborhood had many loud noises and frequent firework explosions.  I learned I really do not like loud noises and they make me very upset and scared!  It’s hard for me to calm down.  In quieter quarters, I could feel secure and practice the mindfulness I need to overcome my fears and focus on loving you.

Don’t get me wrong, though! I really enjoy a good frolic in the yard, and I can spend hours playing with my squeaky toys.  I’m very good on a leash and love to demonstrate this by going for at least one lengthy stroll a day.  And like all good bassets, I love snoozing in the sunshine.  But what I love most is snuggling up with my human. In fact, some of my greatest zen moments occur when I’m draped across my human’s lap.

So, if you’re looking for a canine companion who’s both loving and lively, let’s meet and see if we are destined to find happiness together. Call BHRSC today!

Bodhi is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on vaccines. He has also had lab work and a veterinary dental cleaning. His adoption fee is $350.

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