Hi there basset friends!  My name is Belle and I am a 7-year old girl (“belle”) hound.  Some people think this means Snoopy and I must be a pair, but I am my very own woman!  I do enjoy the company of other dogs, but now I find myself in the predicament of needing to find a new family to provide me with a loving forever home.

I’ve lived with my human mom my whole life and am a very good girl.  But now there are neighbors who don’t like dogs (mon Dieu!  Can you even imagine such a thing?) and someone called a landlord seems to think the answer is for me to leave.  It will be an adjustment for me for sure, but I think I could be a great fit at your house!  Are you looking for a friendly, laid-back hound who gets along with everyone and loves to play?  Check!  Are you looking for a companion to give lots of belly rubs to and who loves to have “conversations” with you?  I love belly rubs and I really like to talk to my humans, so if you sit with my and rub my belly and tell me about your day, I will tell you about mine!  I also love spending time outside playing and sunbathing.

I am a wonderful, companionable hound, but I’m not perfect.  The vet says I could stand to trim down a little.  The good news is I walk well on a leash, so hopefully we can go for regular strolls so I can recover my youthful figure.  I also haven’t totally mastered potty training, but I’m amenable to just about anything if treats are involved, so I’m sure if we work patiently together I can get the hang of it.

What do you think?  Does adding an amiable gal to complete your family’s circle of love sound like just what you’ve been missing?  Call BHRSC and let’s meet ASAP!

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