Hi hi hi everybody!  My name is Beasley, and I am a 1 year old basset boy with tons of energy!  There is still lots and lots of puppy in me, and I am looking for a forever family that I can love for a long time and that can help me learn how to be a grown-up hound.

I came here on the Hound Haul and I have had many families in my short life. I am a very energetic hound and that has been too much for some people. So now I am looking for a forever family that is energetic just like me!

Oh – I know something else!  I am a special basset!  I am kind of svelte, but a little bit taller than other bassets!  But this is great news – my legs carry me quickly where I need to go, and it means you don’t have to bend down quite as far to give me my pets and tell me how much you love me!  There will be lots of that, won’t there? I might even be a great running partner!

What do you think?  Don’t I sound like just the youthful pup to add to your family?  Call BHRSC and let’s meet soon!

Beasley is neutered, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines. His adoption fee is $350.

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