Miss Daisy

  • 7 years old
  • found a foster home
  • good with dogs
  • house trained
  • walks well on leash
Miss Daisy

Miss Daisy's video

About Miss Daisy

Hi there, my name is Miss Daisy, and I’m 7 years young. I was found wandering the streets of Thousand Palms and ended up in the local animal shelter. A nice couple from BHRSC swooped in and brought me into the BHRSC family. And, I’m so happy to be here.

What do I want? Well, I like to walk, sniff, and eat (especially between meals). I like other dogs, am house trained and I walk well on my leash.  But I really crave belly rubs… oh they feel so good. I’ll do anything for a belly rub… anything.

I am a very expressive hound, you can tell what I’m thinking by my facial expressions.  BHRSC tells me I’m a wonderful hound…… in fact, a treasure…but I’m not sure what that really means.  I just know I will do my best to please you.

So, if you’d like a sweet and loveable companion and if you are a fan of giving belly rubs (I hear that it can be very soothing to rub my belly), please call BHRSC asap to make an appointment to meet me.

Miss Daisy is spayed, micro-chipped, and up-to-date on vaccines. Her adoption fee is $250.

Miss Daisy’s Foster Says: Miss Daisy is always ready to be loved and happily shows her belly. She will let you know when you are doing something she approves of (or does not approve of!) Miss Daisy loves her morning walk around – first out to the chickens, sniffing all the way, then down to the horses. She then makes her way to the house and barks to be let in. She’s an excellent tracker when it comes to food!

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daisy dogma portrait 3

Interested in adopting Miss Daisy?

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