If you’re interested in adopting a basset, please fill out an electronic adoption application, which will help us match you with the right hound.

Find out how your adoption fee will be used.


If you’re considering adoption, please take a moment to look over the following information about bassets and our adoption policies.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you prepared to make a commitment to a dog that can live to be 10 to 15 years old?
  • Are you ready to set aside time every day to care for and enjoy your basset?

We want our hounds to experience loving and caring homes, so we require:

  • a place indoors to sleep
  • your willingness to spend time with the dog
  • if you’ve had pets before, a history of loving care for animals
  • an adoption fee based on the age of the dog you’re adopting

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About the breed:

  • Bassets are easy to love. They are affectionate, gentle, easy going and comical.
  • Bassets can also be hard to live with. They are big dogs on little legs, with big, loud voices and a lot of drool. They prefer your furniture to theirs and can be stubborn. They need daily exercise to help control their weight.
  • While Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California believes Basset Hounds are usually wonderful family pets, our adoption and placement policies must consider what is best for both the dog and the new family.
  • Young children can unintentionally injure a dog by trying to ride the pet or just giving an unsuspecting pet a hug. The dog may react to this by protecting itself and injuring the child. Also, the uncoordinated movements of young children can simulate prey and the dog’s hunting instincts may come into action.
  • These wonderful dogs have been through a lot. Some are given up by their owners or they have been taken to an animal shelter, others have been found on the street as a stray. Some will adjust to a new home in a very short time, while others need extra special care and patience.

If you have any questions, please contact our adoption coordinator.

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