Howdy everyone! My name’s Daisy and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance! I am  about 8 years young and I am a very special, unique basset hound.  I am all white, and I use my other spidey senses to get around, because I am blind.

I am very loveable, but I do need a bit of help because I lost my eyes to glaucoma.  I have been blind for a long time and I do very well.  When I came out to Southern California on the Hound Haul, the vets here realized that I had very advanced glaucoma.  I could not see anyway, and they did a surgery that meant that the pain from the glaucoma has finally gone away!  Despite my “disability,” I am very adaptable and can get around just great.  I have trained my other senses to “see” for me, so once I get the lay of the land at your place, I will do just fine.  Heck, I can even go up and down stairs with no issues!  Oh, and one of my favorite hobbies, like most bassets, is taking long, comfy naps pretty much anywhere — couches, chairs, beds … I’m not picky.

Among my elevated spidey senses is that I have trained my heart to see my loving humans for me.  So if you can make it down to for a visit, I would love to meet you!  Maybe you could help me find my forever home!

Daisy is spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines.  Her adoption fee is $150.

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