Hi there basset lovers!  My name is Luca.  I live on the second floor.  Well, not really, but if any of you out there are from the 80’s, I thought you might recognize the Suzanne Vega lyrics and realize that we could form a rock band and go on a forever tour together!

I am a teenage gal (about 14), but don’t worry, I won’t be giving you any of that teenage sass!  I am an incredibly sweet girl and all I want to give you is lots of love.  All I’m hoping for in return is a safe, secure forever home and comfort and love from my forever family.

I’m a little bit confused about what is happening, but I have had to move around before so I am just hoping this is the last move for me before I can stay with a family forever.  I was adopted about 3 ½ years ago by a wonderful older gentleman, and we were the bestest of companions.  He was retired so we hung out all day every day, and even went for a nice, senior-paced stroll every day that matched both of our speeds.  But he recently turned 92, and moved into a special home that wouldn’t allow me there.  It broke both our hearts to separate, but he thought the right thing for me was to find a family that did not have to worry as much about taking care of themselves and could focus lots of love and energy on me.

I’m a pretty mellow gal as you might imagine.  I like spending time with my people and napping.  I’ve gotten pretty hard of hearing and my vision’s not perfect anymore. I have some trouble getting around and going outside to use the bathroom. But my sniffer works great and I pick up on other cues too, especially about what will make you happy.  And my heart can feel your love and send you lots of mine.  Call BHRSC and let’s meet ASAP to see if we’re a match!

Luca is spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines.  Her adoption fee is $200.

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