Howdy Hound dog lovers! My name is Cheyenne and I am a three-year-old female Basset Hound from Oklahoma.  I was one of the hounds fortunate enough to be brought to California as part of the June 2019 Hound Haul.  Prior to my exciting cross-country travels, BHRSC took me in because I was skinny and sick.  BHRSC and some veterinarians in Oklahoma worked together to provide me with much needed exploratory surgery and biopsies.  I was diagnosed with something called mega esophagus, which means I have to eat in an upright position.  I can still Netflix and Chill, I just can’t eat snacks lying in bed. 

Speaking of family, wouldn’t you love to make me a part of yours? I have gorgeous tri color markings, long ears, and a face that just everyone in your family would love.  One thing to know about me is that I have been labeled “food aggressive”. Food is delicious, so I don’t think I am the only hound in the world that suffers from this issue.  I also need some extra time to warm up to people and allow them to snuggle with me. Life was rough when I was so sick before, so I am still working on getting over all of that and trusting people 100%. Give me a chance and with love, patience, and compassion I will come around.  I get along with other dogs and enjoy canine friends, as long as food isn’t involved!

I promise I will be worth your time and effort.  I would enjoy walking on a leash with your family, sleeping on your couch, sleeping in bed, sleeping in the kitchen while you cook dinner….you get the point, my breed likes to sleep a lot.  So, if you want a gorgeous Basset Hound that would be a companion, friend, and confidant, contact BHRSC and ask for me, Cheyenne.

Cheyenne is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on vaccines.  She has also had lab work done, a veterinary dental cleaning, and a benign mass removed. Her adoption fee is $500.

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