Happy Tails

Have a happy tail about your adopted Basset Hound? We would love to hear it! Please send to bhrschappytails@gmail.com.

We hope you enjoy these happy tails from the forever homes of our cherished hounds.

Ginger (Formerly Sally)

Ginger was happy to hear about Chloe and we really are pushing for her to find a forever home like I did!! I have a seeing eye furry brother and a great bunch of humans who make my dark world bright!! We are praying for the perfect family for Chloe and would love to communicate with anybody with questions!! Life is great and so are our lives!! We love you, Chloe, and praying for the right human family!! –Ginger and Mom and dad!!!


ginger-1 ginger-2


Hello, I have been with my forever family for seven months now. When I first arrived in my new home I was not potty trained, but they taught me how to let them know when I needed to go outside. I have not had any accidents since my first month of arriving here! My new mama loves to walk, and so do I! We walk every day! I walk really well on a leash, and enjoy going to the park. When I see the sand in the playground I like to run in circles and create a dust cloud! The two older children take time to snuggle, and play tug of war with me every day. I love to play with toys. I especially like stuffed animals that sqeak. I like to find the squeaker and pull out the fluff so that it looks like it has snowed in the living room. My new daddy loves basset hounds.. I think he may be part hound too. We like to snuggle together on the couch and take naps. My family keeps telling me that I am not a lap dog. I am teaching them how wrong they are! I think I fit quite well on a lap. Thank you BHRSC for helping me find my forever family. I love them with kisses daily. Oh yes, I enjoy my big back yard too. – Humphrey

humphrey happy tail










We are blessed to have adopted our beautiful blind girl and she is slowly becoming friends with our 14 month old golden retriever Bodie , who was raised from 8 weeks old by our beloved basset Cooper who past in May . I want to thank her foster families who have gave there time to make her whole again . Thanks again to all who made this possible !! – Sally’s parents, Bob and Becky

sally sunglasses happy tail












Jethro & Layla

We can be found in the Websters dictionary under “precious! ” I, Layla, had a few carcinomas removed from my back but now I lead the the pack when all four of us hounds go on our daily walks with Mom and Dad! Jethro is very verbal and likes to roll from side to side when those humans get home from work. We both like to be groomed and cuddled. Feels sooo good! We are strictly AC (air conditioned) pups, but use the doggie door as needed. We might be old, but we are fully enjoying sharing our golden years together! Thank you So. Cal. Rescue for keeping us safe until we found our forever home! – Jethro & Layla

jethro and layla happy tail










Belle & Sophie
We love hanging out at the beach every morning with our mom!!! – Belle & Sophie

belle and sophie happy tail










Rosie & Rudy
Just so you know… we are so happy in our forever home. We have our own beds or the couch, whichever we prefer. We love our backyard, barking, and Rudy chasing critters. Rosie’’s favorite is just looking and barking at the birds. We get to go to the dog park at least once or twice a week. We miss all of our BHRSC family and our friends at APC. But we LOVE our forever home and family. Thank you to BHRSC for loving us and taking such good care of us. And thank you for finding us such a loving and special home. – Rosie & Rudy


This past March 2014 our beloved Basset Hound of 15 years, Melody, passed away. We were absolutely heartbroken. Six months later, another loving, beautiful Basset named Romeo crossed our path, and we adopted him. Romeo is a 6 year old male who was given up to BHRSC by his long time family when they moved. Romeo has filled our lives with love, devotion, companionship and happiness, and we’re forever grateful to BHRSC for letting it happen. – Romeo’s family

Romeo Happy Tail













Wilbur has a new “forever” home! He looks like my first Basset Hound of many years ago and he even has the same name! He’s just a bigger love! My first “Wilbur” was a volunteer visiting people in the hospital who suffered from mental illness. This “Wilbur” loves to meet new people and experience new adventures. I look forward to introducing him to helping others. He’s a clown! Thank you Basset Hound Rescue! – Wilbur’s dad


It’s been almost 2 weeks since we adopted our new princess Charlotte The Alva family is very lucky to have her. Thank you bhrsc for bringing us together. Now words from Charlotte herself ” in love my new brother, treats from dad, cuddling with mom and playing with my new kids. Look how great I look in pink! – Charlotte’s family

charlottie and her family











I apologize for taking so long in writing this Thank You note, but life has been a whirlwind since I was adopted into the Hunt Hound family of 9. Yep 9! It is so much fun, all the time, since there is always someone to play with, snuggle and cuddle, play ball, or just spend quiet time with. I do miss my original family, who had two kids, and were very nice to me, but they must of felt I could have a better life…turns out…they were right! It has been awesome here! We live in the country, have lots of room to run and plenty of soft spots to nap and sunbathe and we even have our very own Spa here with an outdoor shower, hot & cold water and deck to dry off on. It’s our own little piece of Heaven. So, once again, thank you BHRSC for taking me in and finding me the best place in the world to live….I’m a happy camper. I hope all the pups at BHRSC can find the same ! – Sincerely, Pumpkin Hunt


Hey, remember me, Tippi ? Yep, the one eyed wonder! I was with you for a while until the call went out that BHRSC was filling up rather quickly with dogs in need of a home. So, a family took me in, as well as Pumpkin, to join their pack of 7 others! Seven plus us equals 9, and that was a lot for me to count, especially with only one eye! But I have wiggled my way into the group and life is goooooood! I have formed a bond with Dorrie, the “Humvee” of the group (she is a big girl, or “exaggerated” as we like to say) and we cruise our very own dog park checking everything out, between naps, of course. My family calls me “their heat seeking missile” because of the way I cruise the house, checking everything out. I am also in charge of the mealtime alarm…right on the dot…I let them all know! I may only have one eye….but I keep it on the clock! So, I just wanted you to know, that my life has turned out to be perfect. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I also want to thank you for taking me in when I needed a safe harbor and for giving me the love and care that I was in dire need of. Nobody had ever treated me so kind as all of you at BHRSC. I may have been bounced around a bit in the beginning, but I am home sweet home now. It’s naptime, so I gotta go. Love to all of you. – Tippi


I just wanted to send you another note on how incredible your organization is.  What you do for these special animals is amazing. BHRSC is very special to our family and now we will be a part of it for the rest of our lives.  Because of you and the wonderful people that you have working with you, you have made our family complete again.  We can never thank you enough and we will definitely be making appearances at the dog park, we will try to make it next month.  Thank you again for taking care is us in our time of need.  You all have made our grieving for our beloved Berrie more bearable and you have given us the ability to spoil and pamper our new family member.  Thank you and god bless you and all of your volunteers, you are all angels. – Dudley’s Mom


“My forever family wanted my sister, Panchita, to have a best friend and I fit the bill perfectly!  We share everything and make our Mom and Dad so happy!” – Droopy


“I won their hearts!  I met my forever family at Brunch With Bassets and they fell in love with me and couldn’t stop thinking about me.  And they even let me sleep in their bed with them!  I am one lucky hound!” – Baxter


“I found my forever home and got a new sister, Lacey!  My forever family’s hound boys crossed the bridge earlier this year and even though they’ve been heartbroken, they decided to bring my sister and I in.  I even have a Grandma who loves me.  My sister and I have a great time playing all day and then curling up on the couch next to Mom and Dad at night!” – Fonzie


“My family and I adopted Peppa two years ago!!! She is the BEST canine companion we have ever had and we love her so much!!! Here is a picture of our beloved Basset on Halloween:) Thank you for gifting us with such an amazing family member!!!” – Peppa’s Mom


“My brother Ziggy was lonely and needed a buddy.  My forever Dad came to one of the BHRSC events, said I was the perfect companion for him and applied that night.  He took a week off of work to make sure that Ziggy and I got to know each other well.  We are both young so we have a lot of puppy energy to run off!  Plus a nice comfy couch to share at night ;-)” – Bosco


“I was recovering from my surgery so I thought it would take more time for me to find my forever family.  But my forever family wanted to help me recover so I could be a great buddy for Kona, their 10-year-old shepherd mix.  The kids and even the cats are taking such good care of me that Kona and I will be able to play in no time!” – Mugsy


“My forever family had recently lost their 17-year-old Basset named Bear, which left my sister Lucy (she was adopted from BHRSC in 2009) without a friend.  Well, they brought me home and quess what, we get along great and even look like we were meant to be together!” – Norman


“Yeah, I have a new family!  My brother Flash was so sad after his sister Mattie crossed the bridge.  He was mopey and not his usual bubbly self but as soon as we met, we hit it off!  We had a great time getting to know each other on the long drive to my new home.  Flash was previously adopted from BHRSC so we have a lot in common and are so thankful that we have found our forever family.” – Toulouse

 Lucy & Ozzie

“Boy, we are a lucky pair.  We got to be buddies while we were in boarding  but with Lucy’s surgeries and healing, we were separated and didn’t see each other for a while.  Our forever family brought us back together and we are having a great time playing together and being part of a family.” – Lucy & Ozzie


“I’m living in luxury in my new home! My people even let me snooze on the couch! Can you believe it? Oh, and I’m never lonely. My forever family includes three cats, two kids (a boy and a girl) and a super-cool set of parents.

When my people moved to California from the faraway land of Arizona, their first order of business was to find the best basset in SoCal to add to their pack! I’m pretty sure I exceeded their expectations.

And I can’t imagine a better living arrangement for me either!” – Kahlua

 Lucy & Molly

“Thanks for finding us a home that was so easy to settle into! We love snooping in the backyard and playing with our furry brothers. We swear, our tails never stop wagging.

But the all attention we get. … That’s really the best part! ” – Lucy & Molly

 Daisy Duke

“Hey, it’s me, Honey Dog! You guys probably remember me as Daisy Duke. I love my new name and my forever family!

My new people tell me my hound sister is so thankful to have me around, she’s the happiest she’s been since she lost her best friend. I guess I’m just good medicine! Is anyone surprised?” – Honey Dog (formerly Daisy Duke)


“Hi, friends! I just wanted to let you know how great it is living with my new family. I even have a hound sister now! Her name is Buttercup. Aren’t we just a couple of lookers?

I’m loving my daily walks and hanging around outside with my dad. I like spending time with my mom, too, when she’s getting ready in the morning. They all call me ‘Ida girl.’ … It’s even on my name tag!

I feel so special here. Thanks for helping my find my forever-ever home!” – Ida


“Thank you so much for taking care of me until I found my forever home. At my new house my mom, dad and sisters play fetch with me, take me for walks, spoil me with yummy treats, give me lots of belly rubs and let me sleep next to them in bed. Last year I traveled with my family to the mountains and Palm Springs, too.

I love playing outside with my basset hound friend Chloe and, yes, I even get to roughhouse inside! I’m loving life as as a healthy, active senior. I keep up just fine with young children in my house and I don’t mind at all cleaning up after them when they drop mac ‘n’ cheese on the floor.

Also, I just got some awesome, festive pajamas. They’re great, aren’t they? Life is good!” – Peppa